Beet, Blood and Halloumi


Choice 11
Beetroot, Blood orange and Halloumi

I have been selling cheese for over 15 years… Yes, 15 years, pretty sure. As I have escalated and passed to the “Super Wise Man’s” gap of forty ( I am cool with that) and I am still getting to grips with what life is throwing at me. Bring it on, you old bitch, you have given me so many challenges before my worrisome nature turned into a “whatever” attitude… Saying that, the older I get, and apart from the ecological impact on our Blue Home, I am growing less and less attracted to meat and fish. I have always had a huge sense of philanthropy, I love people in general and see the best in them.

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Hey y’all, here is a tasty tip/ hack for a midweek dinner; mashed peas and buffalo mozzarella stuffed pork filet ( or Pork steak). It takes no time and it is very tasty! 20 minutes in the oven and a few roasties… Sorted!


Ok, Don’t panic; the easy part is to open the pork steak in half… Easy now… In a pan, with a bit of water and salt, boil a couple of handfuls of peas with two cloves of garlic; after 5 minutes, drain and cool gently under a bit of cold water. Whiz the peas with a bit of olive oil and butter. Shred ½ a buffalo mozzarella here and there and place inside the filet; roll gently and bake with a few roasties to be for 20 minutes at 200c.

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