Asparagus and Pecorino Vincenzo “Chaoson”

Pecorino and Asparagus Chaoson or Calzone…

You are probably wondering what the hell is a “Chaoson”? Well in Breton, it means “slipper” as in “Hey Ma! Where are me slippers?” and slipper in French is “chausson” but “chausson” is also the name of a folded pastry or pizza. So “pizza en chausson” is literally “Pizza in slipper” which is basically a “calzone”. I hope I haven’t offended my Italian friends out there, but since my latest story “The Kittiwakes of Goulien” is set in a stronghold of Breton culture, it was only fair that I would “Bretonise” this little baby. It is also a way to link the fact that I have moved on from mushrooms in brine which made me the victim of many a laughs from my fellow ornithologists on the cliffs of Cap Sizun. I also had some Irish Pecorino that Vincenzo La manna- Cheesemaker at Vincenzo’s Little Dairy in Cork- had sent me, a younger one this time and I wanted to do something with it, even if I had enjoyed most of it on its own…

Armeria Maritima, a flower of our shores from Cap Sizun to Mullaghmore…
A few ingredients and Pecorino Vincenzo for the “Chaoson”

For The Dough: You’ll Need

  • 200 g of organic pasta flour
  • 10 cl of water
  • a drop of good olive oil
  • a pinch of sea salt
  • 10 g of yeast

How to?

Knead the salt and flour together first, with olive oil and water. I didn’t have any fresh yeast this time, but I had some organic “Cream of Tartar”, a by product of wine making also known as Potassium Bitartrate. It sounds a bit scary, but it worked well for what I wanted to do and so you know, it is also vegan. Just sayin’!

Pizza dough, ready to go.

I didn’t want to use tomato sauce in this recipe, but I still wanted to make it moist inside. I creamed some organic Spinach with a bit of chopped red onions and raw organic cream from Crawford’s farm in Tipperary… Salt and pepper to taste. Don’t cook it too long, just let it melt a bit…

Creamy Spinach

For the mushrooms, gently fry them with olive oil, dill and a bit of garlic…

Best using real mushrooms…

For the Asparagus, I blanched them in boiling and salted water for 5 minutes, purposely short of 2 minutes from the “legal” 7. The pizza was ready to roll, the ingredients about to go in! Remember to put the cheese first in a calzone, othewise, disaster!

Ready to roll

Make a neat little fold that I learned when I was a Pizzaiolo in Galway and Sligo a long time ago. If you can’t do it, you can use a bit of egg wash or water to seal it, just don’t tell anyone!

Homemade “Cap Sizun” Calzone…

Sprinkle the dough with a bit of water and olive oil for a sexy finish and make a little hole on top so it doesn’t blow or burst, that would be heartbreaking! Bake in a hot oven for 20 to 30 minutes, keep an eye on it, it really depends of your oven, they are all a bit different. Serve with the creamed spinach, mushrooms and asparagus on the side, a salad of fresh seasonal leaves is also lovely, with olive oil and lemon dressing…

Pecorino, Spinach, mushrooms and Asparagus Choason aka Calzone…
Pecorino and Asparagus Chaoson or Calzone…

Keep Well and Eat Happy

Slรกn Tamall



8 thoughts on “Asparagus and Pecorino Vincenzo “Chaoson”

  1. ja ja . . . .
    kalium bitartraat, never thought that’d work (without sodium bicarbonaat)

    looks scrumptious again, nice pics too

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