Aged Gouda and Pumpkin squash Tubetti Rigati Farro Pasta

Aged Gouda and Pumpkin squash

As storm Ophelia approaches the shores of Ireland, scheduled to hit us on Monday, exactly 30 years to the day after that “hurricane” ( it was in fact two storms that joined forces) unpredictably hit Brittany and the south of England with disastrous scenes in its path, I decided to post an October recipe, full of warmth and autumnal colours… I’ll tell that story another day…

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On The Road Back To Donegal

Misty Killybegs Harbour

Last week, like I sometimes do, I ran away again… I know what’s coming you see, the Capitalistic-apocalyptic tsunami that is December, I have stopped counting the number of times I heard or saw myself mentioning the “C” word since the last week of August. This is the life I chose I guess, no point arguing about it! I heard some shops in Dublin already have their windows decorated, enough already! The swallows are still here for Christ sake ( sorry for the pun, I couldn’t resist), or at least that is when I last saw them, outside of Mullaghmeen forest, gathered on telephone lines, waiting for the conductor to signal a final “all aboard!”. I was heading for Co. Sligo first, eager to visit the People’s market in Strandhill, literally in the airport…

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