Beet, Blood and Halloumi


Choice 11
Beetroot, Blood orange and Halloumi

I have been selling cheese for over 15 years… Yes, 15 years, pretty sure. As I have escalated and passed to the “Super Wise Man’s” gap of forty ( I am cool with that) and I am still getting to grips with what life is throwing at me. Bring it on, you old bitch, you have given me so many challenges before my worrisome nature turned into a “whatever” attitude… Saying that, the older I get, and apart from the ecological impact on our Blue Home, I am growing less and less attracted to meat and fish. I have always had a huge sense of philanthropy, I love people in general and see the best in them.

Choice 1
Blood Orange
Choice 7
The turloch of Ballinlough

In the meantime, I think most people are ignorant fools who try to fill their existences with meaningless and pointless narcissistic behaviours; don’t worry, somehow, and since my psychological profile is programmed to do the same, all I can do, as a personal reward, is to become a better man. I suffer from a need to help people, empathy toward mankind and animals. Some people call it ” anthropomorphism”, when you paste and copy human empathy and feelings onto other humans or animals… That is where I am at in my life, right now, it feels pretty good if not conflicting and a bit lonely.

Choice 2
Raw beetroots
Choice 3

Anyhow, and before I drift onto darker spheres, I’ve realised, while fresh snow last week was covering the Northern half of the Isle of Ireland, that I have never tried Halloumi. I know right?! The first time I have tried it, it was a couple of years ago, very briefly – made in Cyprus- it said. My first impression was like eating fried egg whites; I was hungry and it did the trick.

Choice 7
Roasted beets and Halloumi

One shouldn’t stay on a first impression so I decided to make a wee salad; oven roasted raw beetroot with halloumi and blood oranges; before I served the whole thing, here is the way it went…


You’ll need:

  • 1 raw beetroot peeled and wedged
  • 200g of Halloumi
  •  2 Blood Oranges
  • a handful of spinach leaves
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper
  • 1/2 the juice of a blood orange
  • Olive oil
Choice 6
Blood Orange segments

How To:

Peel the beetroot and shred the halloumi. Let the beetroot wedges bake for 10 minutes, then add the cheese. Bake for a further 20 to 30 minutes. Once roasted, put the leaves of spinach on top and cook for another 5 minutes in the oven. Before serving, splash a bit of soya sauce a squeeze 1/2 the juice of a blood orange. Use your hands or a couple of spatulas and toss the salad in the tray. Serve in a bowl.

Choice 9

Choice 5
Like walking on snow

Et Voilá…

Choice 11
Beetroot, Blood orange and Halloumi

Keep Well and eat happy




2 thoughts on “Beet, Blood and Halloumi

  1. It was a new one for me too. I received some Bufalo halloumi from west cork ( Macroom); I had to do something with it.Glad to say, the Irish one with bufalo milk is very good. The funny thing with halloumi, is that it has to keep you perplexed… I don’t get it… Yet, it has that “come back to me ” factor… strange 😉 Thank you Conor

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