Cheesy Buckwheat and Almond Flour Crêpe

Cheesy Crepe Breakfast

The storm has come and gone, all is still and quiet, time to get out there. Breakfast is very important to me, but recently I have been diagnosed with I.B.S and I have to give up bread and even coffee. It sucks a bit, but I am of the creative kind, not ready to let this inconvenience affect my favourite meal of the day. Porridge is great; you can mix a lot of things in it, fruits, nuts, even if it looks like a bowl of gruel straight out of a Charles Dickens’ nightmare, it is actually quite enjoyable if you can pass the visual hurdle. Eggs are good too, I love them, scrambled with a bit of cheese, but to be frank, I was missing something. I went back to my origins, where I found an answer in our traditional buckwheat crêpes. This is a quick version as I have to go to work and waking up at 6 am to make breakfast is just not going to happen. You can use this recipe for sweet or savoury, it doesn’t matter.

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Ham on Rye



“And that is how it ended; I went back to my desk,
Shooting Morse codes at Jupiter
Knowing fine well,
That the taciturn
Never rings


I am not going to lie, I find Christmas day very long, filled with deep personal loneliness, trying to keep everything bottled in, and whatever is in a bottle out. I keep busy, I cook all day, even if my body is still wrecked from very cold long busy days at work. I made a simple organic roast chicken, and for dessert, some chocolate mousse…

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Roquefort Salad

Roquefort salad
Roquefort salad

What a wonderful morning it was in Co. Meath ! Once a year, I lead a Birdwatch Ireland walk with a couple of friends to celebrate the “Dawn Chorus”, an outing starting at 4 am, welcoming the sunrise of what could be “our summer” ( every time we a get a couple of days of sunshine on a row in Ireland, that is what we call it), we listened to the first song birds while light pierces through the darkness of night, making it a fine communion with nature and history as our early Dominical procession made its way quietly, by the neighbouring  passage graves of Knowth and Newgrange, overlooking the Boyne river’s meanders.

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