Ham on Rye



“And that is how it ended; I went back to my desk,
Shooting Morse codes at Jupiter
Knowing fine well,
That the taciturn
Never rings


I am not going to lie, I find Christmas day very long, filled with deep personal loneliness, trying to keep everything bottled in, and whatever is in a bottle out. I keep busy, I cook all day, even if my body is still wrecked from very cold long busy days at work. I made a simple organic roast chicken, and for dessert, some chocolate mousse…

Chocolate mousse

For a bit of fun, I made a coarse rye bread, 250g of organic rye flour, 10cl of milk, tsp of baking soda, sea salt and olive oil. I baked it for 25 minutes and once cool, toasted the rectangular slices in the oven. I used organic bresaola, organic Proscuito with a bit of butter, ripe brie with truffle honey and roquefort blue with peppery leaves… It helped a bit, but the day and the fatigue got the better of me. Maybe next year hey? Maybe next year…

Blue Stilton

A much brighter morning came today, with new ideas, new hopes and positive thoughts, sure, we all have to keep going, non of us is getting out of it alive so we may as well make the most of it…

December Skies

Keep Well and Eat Happy

Slán Tamall


7 thoughts on “Ham on Rye

  1. I just commented to another blogger that Christmas is actually a boobytrap set to blow away our good intentions of cheer and laughter and replace them with angst and lurking shadows of sadness we care not to visit. Boxing Day should be for boxing up all those bitter pills that pop like that frightful candy in our ears and putting them away. But the trick is to lock the box and sadly I have never found the right key ….. great piece and I wish you nothing but peace and content as I do to all I care for.

    1. I must say, I missed people like you at my ( imaginary) table. I am quite sociable, so big empty after such busy times is like braking hard on the motorway. You know the day after will be fine, but still, it is quite hard. Saying that, it allows me to get in touch and tame the darker side of me, but it comes at a price; nothing toxic, just a hyper sensitivity about to burst. I love the boobytrap image; did you know that the expression comes from the “Blue Feet Gannets” ( Booby) of Easter Island? ( sorry, the ornithologist talking now). Lured to a trap… That is it isn’t it? Thank you so much! 🙂 x

      1. I understand that feeling completely and I love your analogy of braking hard on the M’Way. I’m a curiosity … I suspect you are too. I am quite the hermit but only on my terms. The rest of the time I am quite the social butterfly and I hate it when my inner moth to the flame is revved up and there is no-where for me to go. I did not know about the Booby and I am now off to look them up …. thank you for the lure!

      2. 🙂 Fantastic! I love the way you dance with words, I share that feeling of “moth in the flame”, and I love it! Sorry for the lure, and welcome to my world… 🙂 I have sent you a wee email the other day from my work phone; I just wanted to say thank you for being you, and the great support with my wee blog 🙂

      3. Always my pleasure and no need for thanks …. I will find your email and answer it when I am back on terra firma in a few days time …. I feel as though I have been a perpetual Romany for nearly a month! I’m very happy to have a fellow moth to flit with!

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