Cheesy Buckwheat and Almond Flour Crêpe

Cheesy Crepe Breakfast

The storm has come and gone, all is still and quiet, time to get out there. Breakfast is very important to me, but recently I have been diagnosed with I.B.S and I have to give up bread and even coffee. It sucks a bit, but I am of the creative kind, not ready to let this inconvenience affect my favourite meal of the day. Porridge is great; you can mix a lot of things in it, fruits, nuts, even if it looks like a bowl of gruel straight out of a Charles Dickens’ nightmare, it is actually quite enjoyable if you can pass the visual hurdle. Eggs are good too, I love them, scrambled with a bit of cheese, but to be frank, I was missing something. I went back to my origins, where I found an answer in our traditional buckwheat crêpes. This is a quick version as I have to go to work and waking up at 6 am to make breakfast is just not going to happen. You can use this recipe for sweet or savoury, it doesn’t matter.

You’ll need:

150g of buckwheat flour

50g of almond flour

A pinch of sea salt

A drizzle of olive oil


How to:

Mix the flours together, and all the ingredients. Add water until you get a nice ribbon like texture. Not too thick, not too thin.

Smooth batter

For best results, use a large crêpe pan, heat it up with olive oil and then pour the whole crêpe batter. With a spatula, spread it around. After a minute or two, it is ready to flip and for another minute. For my toppings, I used Neufchatel brie like from Normandy, and a bit of Roquefort. Top it all with organic leaves, a drizzle of olive oil, truffle honey and a zest of lime…

Mmh… Cheese and truffle honey…

I took my camera, and after two days living as a recluse, I finally got out there, maybe hoping to find some sort of a divine inspiration, I think I found what I was looking for, in a weird kind of way… Happy New Year all!

Fore Abbey, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

I had a bit extra, so I put another one on top…

Cheesy buckwheat crepes…
Cheesy Crepe Breakfast

Keep Well and Eat Happy

Slán Tamall


13 thoughts on “Cheesy Buckwheat and Almond Flour Crêpe

  1. IBS is bluddy awful so you have my heartfelt sympathy but boy what a great excuse to experiment and this is the sort of experiment that a gal like me is fully supportive of!!!

  2. Wow stunning picture of Fore Abbey! And as always, your food pics reflect so well how yummy the food you cook must be! Happy new year, Franck, and a stable health too from now on.

    1. I got a really good treatment, with probiotic tablets and clean stuff. I noticed the difference very quickly. I lost a bit of weight, but that’s it. Too much stress in my life, it was time to chill. Thank you Conor, a very prosperous New Year to you too pal.

  3. All the best in the new year, Franck, hope you’ll find strength to fight IBS. Maybe along this year few blog posts about your treatment would be a good idea, especially that you mention probiotic tablets and clean stuff, I would be very interested in what you do, if you don’t mind. Hope you’ll have a great year, Ioana x

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