Spinach and Bellingham Blue

Spinash and Blue soup
Spinach and Blue soup

I know it is May 11th, but either Spring or like they call it here “Summer” has been and gone, either it hasn’t shown its face yet. A blustery, wet and cold Monday. Just as well I am off. Plans for today? Nothing.

Spinach and Bellingham Blue
Spinach and Bellingham Blue

I had some fresh spinach and a big chunk of Bellingham Blue cheese that my friend Peter Thomas gave me last week as well as some rare local honey. It gave me the idea, to make something quick to reflect on this lazy day, fit for a May recipe, yet with enough comfort for the actual day unfolding outside. I chopped the spinach and reduced it a bit in a pan with a clove of garlic and a bit of salt…

Spinach reduced
Spinach reduced 🙂

I used my old Moulinex blender to whiz the spinach with the clove of garlic and topped up with water. I was admiring the back “garden”, dandelions and my neighbours’ hens banking on the wild birds seeds… I don’t mind really, it makes a nice painting…

Hens and Dandelion
Hens and Dandelion

One of my cat then jumped on the window seal in a dramatic manner; he is a “talking cat” and you are never lonely with “Talkin’ Cat Jack”. He also hates rough, windy, wet and cold weather; it has to be just right for Jack. If it’s not, he gives out hell!

Talkin' Cat Jack
Talkin’ Cat Jack

So I served my soup, with a bit of créme Fraiche, crumbles of Belligham Blue cheese from neighbouring County Louth and some very rare and tasty honey from the hills of the Coolea peninsula… I can taste gorse. And yes, you read well… Honey, Blue Cheese and spinach soup works really well. Especially on a windy Monday.

Choice 14

Choice 17

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