Tangled up in Blue

Belligham Blue
Belligham Blue

I remember the very first day I tried blue cheese. One remembers those things I guess or maybe I am one of those people who remember everything? Elephant Man my blue eyed girl calls me… It was one of this family Sunday lunches, maybe it was a roast, or paupiettes or even my mother’s legendary ragout… To be honest, I can’t recall. The main course was always followed with cheese, raw milk camembert for Mum, with a little bit of mustard on the side (don’t ask), and my father had a piece of Roquefort that he kindly shared with me. He even explained the mould that makes the blue, the penicillium, the fungus… What honesty! Not even scared…

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Spinach and Bellingham Blue

Spinash and Blue soup
Spinach and Blue soup

I know it is May 11th, but either Spring or like they call it here “Summer” has been and gone, either it hasn’t shown its face yet. A blustery, wet and cold Monday. Just as well I am off. Plans for today? Nothing.

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