Buckwheat Lemony Madeleines

Lemony Madeleines

I realised the other day, that my mother would have been 70 years old just a couple of weeks ago. Scary thought! Through the reeds and willows of the lake, I swear I heard her laugh at the idea. “Me? 70? Haha… I’ll always be young!” Yes, I could see the irony as each year and now the twentieth anniversary since she checked out, brings us closer at last… Or at least in this weird binding of two generations, bitter-sweet and salt on the wound that will make you cry first, then in time will heal… Somewhat, somehow. I could hear that laughter again through the phragmites, but this time, I am pretty sure it was a little grebe, letting me know that he knew I was there…

Lough Sheelin pier

“You can’t have a Birthday without cake” I thought, no matter if the birthday girl is here or not to blow the candles. I chose to make some Madeleines, easy to share and a nice little homage I guess, as these little bundles of joy were a staple in our house, always in our goody bag when we had finished school…

Disappearing Pier

When I got home, I had a rummage through the various trays, pots and pans in the big drawer by the counter, and found the Madeleine tray I was looking for… A bit of dusting was in order…

Madeleine tray

You’ll Need:

  • 250g of Buckwheat flour
  • 250g of organic sugar
  • 250g of butter
  • 4 large “happy eggs”
  • 2 organic lemons, zest and juice
  • a little splash of vanilla extract

How to?

Ok, so we have two possibilities here; you can either mix eggs and sugar first to make them fluffy and creamy, then the flour and melted butter, or, and since I am using buckwheat flour, you can cream it, which is beating the sugar and the butter first, then eggs and flour. The latter makes them a little more spongy. I went with the first technique, but they will taste and feel better warm. Zest the two lemons and add their juice to the mix, with a little splash of vanilla extract. Butter the dish, and pour the Madeleine mix in each of the little alcove ( I used a tbsp, you’ll need steady hands). Bake for 15 minutes at 150c.

Buckwheat Madeleines and lemon zest

It will be dark soon, time to go home…

Lough Sheelin
Lemony Madeleines

Keep Well and Eat Happy

Slán Tamall



15 thoughts on “Buckwheat Lemony Madeleines

  1. Madeleines are a passion …. Chez Martine, a pâtissière in my old village the one thing you could guarantee she would make rain or shine were madeleines – some plain, some with chocolate bottoms. Of course she made other things too but she is canny and only makes what she can sell and with a population of only 1,000 to please she is cautious. Your mum beats in your heart, nestles in that rich place that she nurtured all those years. They never leave us. Not really though the salt tears are apt to reappear from time to time and the heart can feel like lead out of no-where even after years and years. Your words, your pictures delight me, your recipes always enchant and I may even try my hand at my own madeleines ((to your recipe – I’m liking that buckwheat lemony vibe) since Martine is 5 hours away these days 🍋

      1. We thought we were going to lose Martine to cancer a year or two ago. She fought the cancer and won. I cherish and treasure her and like all the good things I have been forced to leave for a while (or a long while – who knows) I miss her profoundly. I’m glad you feel I ‘get’ you ….it’s not a contrived thing just a feeling. And feeling is one of the things we should most treasure 🙂

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