First Interview


Just a quick one to share the fact that I’ve had my first interview published in the French Online Newspaper for expats about Hungry Breton. It feels kind of nice I must say. It’s in French but hey, I’ll give it to you anyway 😉

Slán Tamall

Keep Well and Eat Happy


13 thoughts on “First Interview

  1. Franck, that’s a really great great great interview!!! And we can learn so much more about you, your story and what you care for today. I loved it, you spoke well, and everything you said is very sincere and in balance with what your blog let me think of the kind of decent person you were. Congrats again! Just a question: you only go back to France once every two years, where do you travel to the rest of the time (if you do travel)?

    1. Thank you so much! Well, that’s the thing, like Guinness, I don’t travel well and I don’t fly. So once in a while, I take the boat with my car and enjoy my little trip. So writing little stories and meeting people from other places, well, that’s my way to travel I guess 🙂

    1. Oh yes, that I do all the time, for “work” visiting producers or for leisure, food, photos or ornithology. I am more familiar with the Northern half of the country, Dublin-Galway- Donegal triangle

      1. Great! That’s what I was hoping to read! If I ever come and visit Ireland (which I hope in the coming years), I’ll make sure to ask you tips about the “local way of travelling Ireland” 😉

  2. Super interview, j’ai totalement les memes impressions que toi sur tout ce dont tu as parle… Ton article sur la cantine m’avait deja interpelle, mais la je vais aller fouiller ton blog plus en detail 😉 Au fait j’ai vu que tu habitais dans le comte de Meath, moi aussi 😉 Le monde est petit et les bretons sont partout! Bonne continuation 🙂

    1. Merci beaucoup! Oui, je suis manager pour Sheridan’s Cheesemongers, au HQ de Meath ( entre Kells et Virginia); on a aussi un petit marché de bouffe locale si tu veux passer un de ces 4? Merci encore, et á Bientot, Franck 😉

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