Snow Drops

Meringues drops
Meringues drops

The problem when you make a Breton cake, is that you are left with a lot of egg whites ( well according to my previous recipe, and simple mathematics the number is 6). The other problem, is that I was sure I owed a piping bag and realised that this purchased happened a long time ago in my imaginationland superstore. Here is the quick recipe for the meringues and a toast to quick thinking!

You’ll need:

  • 6 egg whites
  • 200g of sugar

How to:

So the whites are already in a bowl, just add the sugar. The trick is in the whipping. So unless you have an arm wrestler’s bicep, I would recommend going electric on this one! The secret is to beat them to a thicker than shaving foam texture and yes, you can do the defying gravity trick over your head, I garantee you, it will be safe…

Meringue White
Meringue White

Now for our next problem; if like me you completely imagined the fact that you have a piping bag, you can simply use a sheet of cling film, place the meringue in the middle and fold the corners making it a tight pouch. With a little thin knife puncture the middle and start piping…

Meringues drops
Meringue drops

Place or rather make the drops on a sheet of greaseproof paper and bake at 100c for 1h30 ; this is more drying than baking so patience will be essential. Do not hesitate to give them a little touch after that time, it should feel dry. If not, leave it a little longer. If they start getting brown too quickly, reduce the temperature of the oven. They should look like these little babies…

Gently Baked
Gently Baked

Enjoy with a cup of coffee, fresh fruits… It makes nice cake decorations too.

3 thoughts on “Snow Drops

  1. Making meringues is simply the most beautiful use for egg white leftovers. And a gâteau breton is worth every amount of leftover egg white, in my humble opinion!

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