Sant Jakez Scallops

Scallops “Saint Jacques” style

When we were kids, my sister and I, found that the last weekend in November started to get really exciting. Not only we got to put the fake tree up, and the art work our Father used to do with the wonderful rock like paper, a grotto in and around and at the bottom of the tree for a bit of drama; decorations were out, the fun could start(unlike now, where it starts at the end of August… You people have lost it! Big time!); my mother would sit at the end of the dining table in the living room, and in her majestic teacher’s style would start writing the menu for the 24th and 25th.  Those two days were the only ones, as well as Birthdays, where I was asked what I would like to eat… The golden question… I was kind of the black sheep in the family, it was three against one. My sister could eat a dozen oysters for starters, I could barely see the sight of them. So my Mum designed a menu just for me. I was never a big seafood eater, apart from scallops and langoustines. My favourite dish was “Coquilles Saint Jacques”, the name for scallops in French; Jacques, Seamus, James, Tiago… Diego… Santiago de Compostela, Il Camino and the original pilgrims recognisable with the famous shell around their waist! A symbol often portrayed on bottles of wines, from Languedoc to Northern Spain… All the way to the Citadel…

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