Stormy Baked Milleens Fondue

Choice 2
Baking Milleens fondue

As I write those lines, the day could turn into quite a memorable one! As storms go, we are going through the alphabet like there is no tomorrow! Introducing the letter “H” with storm Henry today; the polar vortex is actually hovering over Ireland( it should be over the North pole). The lights this morning were amazing, ghostly and so out of character that I decided to get out of the house to take a few pictures around the area… Bad idea! I could barely get out of the car and when I made it back home, two heavy pine tree branches were leaning closer and closer over the whole width of the road, losing altitude as they were being tossed around like lifeless rag dolls. There was no time to lose, I grabbed a rope and my best handsaw, managed to hold on, dropped to the ground and sawed them free one after another.

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