Frozen Blood Orange Creamy Sorbet

Creamy blood orange sorbet

Well, it didn’t fail to come, to the joy of small and big kids ( like me), we got a full week full of snow. Not that little fluffy dandruff , no, no, I mean knees deep stuff, blizzard and drifts, enough to be marooned in my little cottage, with 12 cats, a dog and plenty of food and water. This Breton takes no chances; I knew what was coming and “be careful what you are wishing for” kept on ringing in my head… My, my, this was a first for me, full of drama and wasn’t it just beautiful?

Drifts outside
Snow Cottage
Frozen Breton

The last time I saw something even near that amount of snow, was in 1984. Wonderful snow drifts, a two day event that stayed with me since and probably the same way this week will stay in the memories of today’s children of Ireland. Ah… The 80’s… I found a beautiful picture the other day, my sister and I during the big cold; for three years on a row, we had a bit of weather, snow, then very cold, so cold that the sea, down the road from the house, froze! Yes, the 80’s were cool, we even had something called Moon Boots, they were torrid!

Franckie’s Moon Boots with posing sista!

You get the look, now the sound; in my Walkman ( for those too young, to know what a Walkman is, it was a super cool device that allowed you to play cassettes… That said, you’re probably too young to know what a cassette is, so forget it, this revolutionary piece of technology was like “music on the go”), yes, in my Walkman I played the Talking Heads… It hasn’t aged a wrinkle!

The Talking Heads

Now the taste… So many flavours to remember from the 80’s that it is hard to pick one out of the multitude, but watching that picture of my sweet sister and myself, one thing we absolutely loved on Sunday, was a Frozen Orange. I mean come on! What a cool dessert, it was an actual orange ( sometimes a lemon), stuffed with a sorbet like ice cream ( but it wasn’t Ice cream if you get me), the whole thing came out of a pack, frozen solid, zingy, deliciously groovy. To celebrate the thaw this week, I decided to recreate this blast from the past, with a more modern and tasty twist, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Frozen blood orange

You’ll Need:Β ( 1 pint/ 50cl of juice)

  • 6 Organic blood oranges
  • 100g of Organic cane sugar
  • 10cl of fresh cream
DSC00024 (2)
Blood Orange

How To…

Juice the oranges traditionally if you want to just have the sorbet, if you want to serve in the oranges, you’ll need to cut the top and carve the inside with a short but sharp knife. In a pan, put the sugar and cream together, quickly over a low heat in order to melt the sugar. pour the juice in, then the lot in an ice cream maker. Mine needs the bowl to be left overnight ( or at least for a good few hours) in the freezer.

Mixing the creamy sorbet

It will only take a few minutes, until the frozen mix starts to set with a lovely creamy and smooth texture…

Smooth finish…

You can put the mix in a dish and keep it in the freezer, or stuff inside the emptied oranges, for a delicious and fresh dessert… And if you serve them at a dinner party, the success will be guaranteed, and you will experience the cool and the groove I felt when I was wearing my Moon Boots while listening to the “Talking Heads” in my Walkman!

Snowy Hood
Creamy blood orange sorbet

Keep Well and Eat Happy

SlΓ‘n Tamall






26 thoughts on “Frozen Blood Orange Creamy Sorbet

  1. I have stepped back in time! My Granny used to make orange sorbet, but she had plastic oranges to put them in. Tres cool! Any time we went over for dinner, that was the dessert.

    As for the Moon boots, I still have a pair. I modeled them for my work colleagues during the snow, and I’m quite sure they were all pretty envious. Ha!

  2. Haha, so many smiles on my face along your post! First, a big wow, this snow is incredible! and is that the cottage you live in? So different from me, living in an apartment over the Riviera. I loved the paragraph with all the jokes about the Walkman, the cassettes, and of course the moon boots! You’re right, so many great memories from the 80s! And I’m definitely gonna try your frozen orange, it seems really easy to make. I got a bit surprised you picked such a dessert with such a weather πŸ™‚

      1. Yes I have the same ice-cream maker as you have (haven’t used it for a really long time though). Oh I trust you when you say peaceful life. I’d like to experience holidays in a cottage like this, more in Northern England so to experience the British country atmosphere, but my husband is a bit reluctant (he thinks internet won’t exist over there… looooool). For me, it would be all about living without technology for a few days (only a few days, okay?!)

  3. You have NO idea how I yearned for moonboots. Ached for them I did. I got them eventually just as they slipped off the fashion Richter scale. Blood oranges on the other hand are eternal keepers and the sorbet looks too good to wait an eternity for. So I won’t… or rather I will. Make it that us 🍊🍊🍧

      1. I make a rule of never carving fruit or veg into any sort of receptacle or shape. I do however continue to make ice bowls which Darina Allan advocated many moons ago and which I fell in love with at Ballymaloe. The fact that they are so easy is the secret and I am sure I can present this sorbet in a lovely citrus themed affair instead of a carved orange shell laced with my own blood!!!

  4. THE BOOTS! You never mentioned you were a fashion icon! You’ve been holding out on us. Also, I so miss the days of my walkman. Those uncomfortable headphones. Ahhh…. the good ole days. This treat looks decadent!

    1. Well, I didn’t want to brag, I am still waiting for them to come back… Snif! Yes, I am glad you’ve experienced the walkman too, waiting ages for the tape to rewind, stalling at every other steps πŸ˜€ Good times!

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