Breton Cranberry Cookies

Breton Cake Cookies with Cranberries

I traveled a bit today, while staying in the comfort of the cottage; that said, it wasn’t that far either. I rang my friend Gráinne, a girl from Connemara; some call it Furbo, I call it Na Forbacha as it should be, and I don’t say Connemara either, just Conamara, the folks of the sea… Rebel from a battered land, a beacon of love when all you have left is a phone number you can call at anytime, when all is lost, when all seems dark. She would give everything to you, before herself; I felt ashamed to share or even compare my hardship and problems to hers, but it was good; good to hear that western accent, the humour smiling at the face of destiny. I feel quite blessed to know her and having shared those precious moments that makes our special selves “philanthropists”  … This one is for you mo chara…

Bens of Connemara
Bens of Conamara
Cleggan Beach
Northern Conamara’s Beach

Gráinne is fluent in French, as well as Irish and English of course; you can hear and taste the sound of the West in her voice, the salt and patient sorrow… Like a Poker player, testing her cards,  game of a lifetime, never ventured too far from her chest… That said, she showed me a “Full House” this afternoon… Tog o bog é my friend, “take it easy”…

Foggy Conamara

You’ll Need:

  • 250g of “00” organic flour
  • 200g of unrefined organic sugar
  • 250g of salted butter
  • the zest of a blood orange
  • 100g of organic dried cranberries
  • 5 egg yolks ( + 1 for glazing)
The cookies mix

How to?

Let the butter to soften in the flour; you can mix the three ingredients together. Rub the flour, sugar and butter together; do not use a blender as you don’t want a short bread finish; one wants the dough to be very soft…

Add 4 egg yolks to the mix, and let the dough rest for at least an hour. I let it rest for 6, the result was amazing

Adding the egg yolks to the mix

Knead the dough well, and let it rest for a few hours… roll the pastry with a healthy hand full of the same flour. Sprinkle some more on the tray and cut little discs with a pastry ring; egg wash them and bake at 180c for just 10 minutes, Serve with your favourite cup of coffee or taye… Smile and let’s try to be happy!

Breton Cake Cookies… With Cranberries
Close up cookies
Breton Cake Cookies with Cranberries

Eat Well and Keep Happy

Slán Tamall


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