Damson “Tarte Tatin” Style

Damson Plum Tatin

Autumn fell on the isle of Ireland like a North Korean missile in the Sea of Japan… Quickly and without warning. No seriously, it was great, a relieve from the horrible muggy and still typical ( tropical?) August that has me as happy and calm as Martin Sheen in a Vietnamese hotel room. The skies were bright again, I could see the end of the lake again, I could breathe…

Sept 2017
Lough Sheelin, September 2017

I was given a good few Damson plums last Saturday, the perks of the job or simply the joys of sharing harvested fruits this time of year can give so generously, apples, blackberries, plums… I love the zing of Damson plums, the French call them Quetsches, they are smaller and a bit more tart than other plums, a great contrast to what I had in mind last Tuesday…

Damsons and cooking apples

So I decided to go Jacques Tati on that Tarte Tatin, avant-guardist and yet traditional…

For the Flaky Pastry Dough:

  • 120 g of organic flour or semola di Grano Duro
  • 80 g of raw organic salted butter

How to?

Put the flour in a large bowl and then coarse grate the butter on top; the butter has to be very cold. Stir the flakes gently with a knife and add a bit of cold water, then quickly use your hand to make a dough ball and in the fridge it goes, covered with film until you are ready to roll.

For the Damson Plums:

  • enough plums to fill a 22 x 4 cm dish
  • 180 g of chestnut honey
  • 100 g of butter

How to?

Pour the honey in the centre of the dish and let it slide and cover the bottom of the dish… Cut all your Damsons in halves and remove the stone ( this is a bit painful, so be patient…)… Place the halves face ( skin) down and repeat for another row and put the butter on top here and there, it will help for later…

Damsons and honey

Once that task done, roll the pastry to fit on top of and inside the dish, not against the borders. The pastry will be hidden when flipped over. Bake at 200 c for 30 minutes, let it cool but make sure it is a bit warm before turning it over…

Flipped over

And closer…

Close up….

As the Damson plums can be a bit tart, which I love, you need a bit of contrast; traditionally, one serves Créme Fraiche with it, I used some organic raw fresh cream from Crawfords’ in Tipperary… Lush…


Keep Well and Eat Happy

Slán Tamall






11 thoughts on “Damson “Tarte Tatin” Style

  1. I share your love of Damsons and I have adored Jacques Tati since I first saw M. Hulot in action at the Barbican Cinema a million years ago. Guess whose going to see if the marchand has quetsches tomorrow …. as it’s just me, I might make a small one – -then again I might just be a glutton. I feel like a little light gluttony to welcome the weekend! Your description of being like Martin Sheen in an hotel room in Vietnam struck such a chord. Wonderfully evocative.

      1. My ideal evening involves cheese, good wine to accompany (or cider) and total immersion in Tati DVDs. Picture this at the market in Place aux Herbes tomorrow as I explain to my lovely fruit and veg man that no other plum will do and promise him a slice of heaven if he can oblige. I generally get my own way by promising slices of heaven #brazen 😉

  2. Hi Hungry, just made your tart with damsons picked on holiday in Oise and plums from our garden here in Wales. Doesn’t look exactly the same but delicious. Love the insights and stories. Keep up the great work. A plus.

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