Raw Beetroot and Watermelon Carpaccio

Organic beetroot and watermelon Carpaccio

Something weird happened yesterday; that guy I know came in to buy a few bits, olive oil and some cheese of course. Always friendly, touching fifty, a happy family man who runs a retail business not too far from here, in the middle of the Island some might say. Like a lot of people from this area, being involved or even from a farming background is almost inevitable. We were chatting and he shared with me some good news he had just received regarding his own business, that that extension will happen after all…

– “Great news” I said! “you were waiting for it for a long time”.

I knew there was something else; and out of the blue, between “the pear and the cheese” like my father says, he casually told me:

– ” I am eating vegetarian now… Ten days already! I never had a problem before, you know, bringing the animals and all, and the last time I did it, something happened, something broke, I said fuck that! I can’t do this anymore!”.

I explained that I have been going through similar feelings, empathy but also common sense looking at the way we manage our modern agriculture. We need to go back a couple of generations where at least the animal that gave its life was respected. I will not go on and on in a tirade that will more than likely go out of control, but I will just say this; some men, when they enter a form of midlife crisis – and if they do- might go for a younger bird, hit the dance floor on Saturday night or indulge for that sporty red car; others wake up one day with an epiphany and just go: “Man… That is fucked up!”

Man, this one is for you!

You’ll Need:

  • 1 Large organic raw beetroot
  • 1 small organic watermelon ( or equivalent in volume)
  • 1 large organic lemon
  • 100g of fresh goat’s cheese per person (St Tola “ash” in this case from Co. Clare)
  • 10 cl of good olive oil
  • a pinch of salt

How to?

Peel the beetroot and for the watermelon, cut a thick slice out off and then use a pastry ring to take little cylinders out. With a very sharp knife or mandolin, cut very thin slices of the beetroot and then the same with the watermelon. Lay on a plate, a pinch of salt over and cover with olive oil and the juice of the hole lemon. Cover with cling film, and let the whole thing to rest and marinade in the fridge for 24 h. The day after, lay the slices in a similar way on a fresh plate, alternating between the beet and the melon. Pour a bit of marinade on top, and serve with your favourite fresh goat’s cheese….

Beet melon and St Tola


Keep Well and Eat Happy

Slán Tamall



4 thoughts on “Raw Beetroot and Watermelon Carpaccio

  1. There’s something really wonderful and warming about reading this post. I am not vegetarian but I only eat meat that has been respectfully reared and whose life I can trace as content and whose death has been managed as decently as possible. I brought my girls up to be the same animals (sorry that is a sickeningly awful pun) …. its a quiet revolution and I’m happy to be joined to you in this way. Plus that recipe is rubylicisious and I know I’m going to love it.

    1. Yes, it has been an interesting few years. I have gradually cut back, focusing on more locally sourced, welfare etc. But I am loosing the lip for it at the same time. It was quite surprising knowing the background of that man, that he had reached that frame of mind. Thanks again, and as a salad, it was just amazingly fresh. 🙂 A great starter!

  2. I like long tirades! But out of respect for your readers, I will not ask you to start one here! looooool. Jokes aside, yeah, the midlife crisis really gets people react in really different ways. I wonder how that would come out for me when time comes…

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