Skies of Co. na Mí, Ireland…


( Iwerzhon means “Ireland” in Breton… I wrote this song in 2011 at the back of the Irish recession… Enjoy).

Iwerzhon ma Iwerzhon

Now twenty years since I’ve been gone

I left you without say goodbye

Didn’t do it, didn’t even try

Lady’s Mantle, after a wee shower…

Iwerzhon ma Iwerzhon

I miss your shores it’s been so long

Didn’t know how happy I was

People ask why I say “because”

An Mullach Mór – Sligo

Iwerzhon ma Iwerzhon

In your evenings I cry at dawn

I’m stranded in a foreign land

Where all was promised to be grand

Dawn between Ireland and Brittany

Iwerzhon ma Iwerzhon

They say there is no place like home

Now an old man that needs to sleep

My love for you runs strong and deep

The Blues of Co. Louth…

Iwerzhon ma Iwerzhon

I see your shores it’s been so long

I know now how happy I was

In the horizon when you rose

Donegal sunset…

Keep well and Eat Happy

Slán Tamall


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