Smoked Mackerel Terrine with Teff Pan Cakes

Franck aka Hungry Breton and Sally Barnes from Woodcock Smokery

I met Sally for the first time 16 years ago; somewhere in 2000. It was quite a day really, the launch of the “Slow Food” movement in Ireland. Three Italians had just landed in Dublin to promote the franchise and a press conference was being held in a newly opened and brave wine bar, just off Stephen’s Green. “Ely”, on Ely’s place and still running and going strong. A fresh idea always passes the test of time in my book, as long as you stay faithful to your idea. My cheese bosses sent me over to make a display of the best Irish produces the island had to offer. Giana Ferguson from Gubbeen cheese and Sally Barnes from Woodcock Smokery were there to help and represent their products. The food critics were gathering downstairs, sharpening pens and licking fingers for an adequate and professional flick on the yet blank notebook leaves. I liked Sally straight away, cracking jokes with her other West Cork friend, their candour unintimidated by the approaching  journalists, ready to feast on a still under confident Ireland. One of Sally’s friends from South Korea spent a great deal of time making beautiful smoked mackerel sushi, just to be nice, just to be different and also to show how cool and open Ireland had become. A sweet over middle aged lady ( or at least that’s what I thought), with a sober Mac and a black leather handbag hung inside her elbow, approached the table and ate one of the Sushi; she looked at me with squinting eyes, while our young Korean friend bowed to her in a thankful and deferential respect. Then “The Lady” opened her gob:

– “Do you like sushi?” She said to me.

– ( hey sister, I am just the cheese guy here!) “Yes I do, a wonderful surprise I think!”

– “I don’t care too much about sushi” she said, “ I think it’s a great deal of rice and very little else”…

I smiled with a frisson of psychopathic hatred running down my spine, but before I could pick up my imaginary axe, Sally just said:

– “ Oi! She spent all bluddy night to do dat!”

The predator knew that it was probably better to retreat with a faked smile and a hiss like sound you might hear from a Barn Owl in the middle of December…

I knew then that Sally was one of my people; Breton, Irish, Brits, salty folks of the sea, fishing communities and heavy smokers all speak the same language;  an honest tongue, a “don’t fuck with me” je ne sais quoi… This post and recipe is dedicated to her, to the wonderful hard aching world of passion, sorrows and joys Sally gifted me by sharing her amazing faithful courage, stubbornness and bottomless rich culture… Yeah, that sounds about right… C’mon! “ A table”!

Smoked Mackerel Terrine on Teff Pan Cakes

Teff originates from Ethiopia; it suits my fragile stomach. A grass giving small grains, quite Earthy in taste, ideal for this recipe; I got it on the market this weekend with my organic vegetable guy…

For the teff pan cakes: you’ll need:

  • 200g of organic teff flour
  • 15cl of water ( until runny and smooth)
  • a pinch of Atlantic sea salt
  • a drizzle of organic hemp oil
  • a tsp of baking powder
Teff Flour

Teff pan cakes: How To…

Well, this is simple really; put the flour in a bowl, add all the ingredients together. Let it rest for an hour. I a small pan with a good bit of olive oil, heat up until hot. With a ladle, pour a generous serving into the hot pan. Wait a minute, and flip over with a spatula for another 30 seconds… Et voilá…

Teff pan cakes

Now, for the Smoked Mackerel Terrine :

You’ll Need:

  • 1 really good quality hot smoked mackerel
  • 100g of Crème fraiche
  • 1 tsp of dijon mustard
  • a dash of Irish whiskey
  • 1 shallot finelly chopped
  • the edge of a red cabbage finelly chopped
  • 2 spring onions
  • sea salt and pepper

How To:

In a bowl, shred the mackerel, and add all the ingredients together. With the back of a fork, mix them all together; use two table spoons to make some quenelle shapes, and serve on top of the pan cakes… A good glass of white is recommended on the side, believe me…

The Mix

One last shot at it…

Mackerel terrine – close up
Smoked Mackerel Terrine on Teff Pan Cakes

And that’s it really…

If you want to know more about Sally and “Woodcock Smokery”, feel free to visit the link below  :

Keep well and Eat Happy

Slán Tamall


11 thoughts on “Smoked Mackerel Terrine with Teff Pan Cakes

  1. I’m a slave to good smoked fish (and I’m sorry Scotland but I’ve been wed to Smoked Salmon from West Cork for too many years to change) and mackerel is a Queen of fishes to smoke. These little pancakes made with the teff flour are new to me …. I will see if I can find the necessaries to make them because I trust your palette implicitly

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