Left Overs Irish Bacon Fusion

Bacon Pasta Fusion

Well, to be fair, there is so much Bacon and Cabbage one can eat, and those of you who read my Bacon and Cabbage post will understand. I am a busy guy, and Friday is a big day for me and my lovely colleagues as we have to get the place ready for a busy Saturday; once home, I normally go for something quick, but tasty. I had some of my lovely roast bacon left and I decided to go “fusion” with the left overs. Was I inspired by the fact England is about to “sign off” from the European Community? Maybe or “surely” like they say in “The North”( my Belfast friends get very upset when I call it “Northern Ireland”, keep that in mind). Saying that, we all need a bit of comfort and humour, especially when things are about to hit the fan… My God!!! I am becoming way too Irish!

You’ll need:

  • Some left overs roast bacon/ loin of pork
  • Fresh/ frozen peas ( in season now lads!)
  • 25cl of raw fresh cream ( good luck with the unpasteurized)
  • 120g of 3 years old Dutch Gouda
  • A pinch of cumin, paprika, caraway
  • A clove of garlic crushed
  • 250g of Fusilli pasta
  • A splash of old balsamic vinegar
3 years old Dutch Gouda

How To:

First, strip the leanier part of the bacon. In a hot pan with olive oil, get them flavours going again, with the strips of bacon you have cut before, the peas and the crushed garlic; put all the spices together, a bit of salt and pepper to taste. Pour the fresh cream and let it reduce. Grate a bit of Gouda in there and let it melt… The Fusilli should only take 10 in to cook. The cream has reduced by half? Drain the pasta and put them in the sauce, giving them a good toss…

Serve with fresh herbs from the garden, like fennel… Yum. Friday sorted!

Roasted bacon pasta

Keep Weel, Eat Happy

Slán Tamall



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