Fried Green Tomatoes

Green tomatoes from Kells
Green tomatoes

I have a customer who comes in our shop; often on a Friday, sporadically on a Thursday. No matter where the conversation drifts, as it often does in our “philanthropic” business, she always speaks about her favourite movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” as a point of reference to everything. I have tried to invite her toward the route of different flicks that matters to me, “The Deer Hunter”, “ Paris, Texas”, “ Harold and Maude” or even “ Blade Runner” but without success… I guess some movies get stuck in your head, the same way the film featuring fried green tomatoes got stuck in mine when it was released in the early 90’s. The thing is, I’ve never done anything about it…

Green Tomatoe
Green Tomato

This Saturday at work, we organized a Harvest Day; the idea behind, was to invite our customers and neighbours to bring the goods that they are growing in their back garden or allotment. A lovely bunch of people asked me if they could tag along, called “Special Hands Activity Group” for children and young people with learning delay. They gave me some beautiful green tomatoes ( The summer hasn’t been great this year in Ireland). Out of this kind gesture, I had to do something!

Few ingredients
Few ingredients

I bought some organic coconut flour the other day; I didn’t quite know what to do with it until today. I put a healthy dose in a bowl, with cumin seed, chillies and fleur de sel (the fine salt from Brittany). I sliced the tomatoes, rubbed them with olive oil and then a good “flip-flop” on each side before frying in a hot olive oiled pan…

Ready to fry
Ready to fry
Frying green tomatoes
Frying green tomatoes

I remember Canal +, the French private channel advertising the movie before I moved to Ireland ( Beignets de tomates vertes in French), on and on TV spots… As I write this… I served it to me, myself and I with a yogurt, lime, chillies, olive oil and Guerande salt dip…. And no one complained!

Green Fried tomatoes
Green Fried tomatoes

It was an unusual snack to watch the Hurling Final between Galway v Kilkenny but hey… It delivered 😉

Green Fried tomatoes
Fried Green  Tomatoes

Franck 😉

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