Young Buck and Beef Salad

Young Buck Blue & Beef Salad

Young Buck Blue
Young Buck Blue

The other morning,  I got one of my blurry “flashback in time” moments, as I too, grew up between farmlands and sea. August was a month for salads and every member of my family had their own signature dish, between Dad’s couscous tabbouleh, Mother’s simply sliced tomatoes with chives and vinaigrette or the amazing – yet groovy – tuna, sweet corn, green pepper, hard-boiled egg and rice special of Grand Ma… Summer was intense with freshness and simplicity. I too aspired to greatness to have, one day, my own designer salad… It’s a Breton thing. I came close several times, but yet remained unsatisfied, like the young buck I was. But  I seem, the other day, to have nailed it, a salad that would reflect the Irish terroir of the midlands … Here is the recipe A Chairde, and a picture to speak for itself.

Beef and Young Buck Salad

First, gently pan fry to your liking a nice bit of your favourite steak and let it rest until you do the following. In a bowl, pour 3 tbsp or Irish rapessed oil, 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and 1 tbsp of soya sauce. Thinly slice a raw carrot, grate some raw organic beetroot, raw organic broccoli florets (not too big) and some toasted sesame seeds. Crumble in some Young Buck cheese, slice your steak and mix the whole thing with your hands… Enjoy! Hungry Breton.

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