November Harvest

Abbey of Fore, Westmeath, Ireland

I’ve been meaning to tell you

How a long time ago

When leaves showered the prairie

To the cries of an oboe…

Leaf and drops

We all walked side by side

In this bleak procession

To the fields of Hereafter

On looking illusion

Kells, inland “Lighthouse”

Grief united we followed

A hearse of boxed memories

Countless sheaves of lost regrets

Countless sheaves of sorries

People’s Park

My friends shake hands and kiss

For our job here is done

Join us again this time next year

Drink your fill and be gone

Dry your eyes whet your scythes…

Brothers and Sisters of the November Harvest

Which one of you has suffered the hardest?

Dry your eyes whet your scythes

Fore Abbey

November 2016, Song and Photographic essay.

Franck aka Fanch Ar Moenner

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