“Tell me a story”

Behind Benbulben, my hiding place…

Tell me a story…

I want to drown in Morpheus arms with you telling me a story. When St Exupery’s “Little Prince” asked from the Moon for someone to draw him a sheep.

I just want a story, and while you narrate me the wonderful and crazy, when we’ll enter our secret cave, the one where I often hide and seek refuge- in the darkest of nights- perched and snug in and above a horseshoe, protected from the Westerlies… Only then, I will put my hand on your forehead and gently caresse your cheek…

Because no one else more than me… Loves a story told by thee.

My young mother…

My mother passed away this Day, November 11th … 19 years ago. A little tribute.

Mullaghmore… Sligo.

We all need a place to hide, even in dreams, a place where you feel good…

Choice 7
Marie Lou and ( young) Hungry Breton

Keep Well and Eat Happy


5 thoughts on ““Tell me a story”

  1. What a beautiful and loving tribute. I wish your mammy continued peaceful rest and happiness when she peeps down on her son who she must be so proud of. ❤️

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